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Burnt cheesecake so … (more) the most frequently asked cheesecake from San Sebastian Instagram and requested the recipe, didn’t you, you we’re curious about your recipe is one of 2 recipes I can say to receive the messages. I don’t know why the other was in the recipe, but profiteroles, don’t worry I’ll share it. San Sebastian, in the Basque region of Spain a tourist place, Michelin-starred restaurants the gastronomic world has an important place in tourist attraction in the city. Here named the La Vina cafe/restaurant, and this time it’s flavor The Cheesecake cafe is a worldwide burn and actual burn while the cheesecake is starting to be known with the name of the region nature.

As you know I am a cheesecake enthusiast, and this cheesecake was so delicious that when I first heard it I immediately began to research what why it’s so. All accounts their cheesecake than October 2017 to burn, while you share recipes, I’ve made out of myself by trying to understand many directions, including Spanish. My first 2 attempt, unfortunately it didn’t turn out as I wanted, the inner texture and the flavor wasn’t what I expected. During my research across a television program that gave La Viña chief of the recipe, but I couldn’t expecting this. It may be thought that it is difficult for us such a recipe, but I have to say that is a very easy recipe with the right combination, the correct rate and the after taste, let it flop in my own way, I got the ideal rate. I’m guessing you tried many other recipes and even seeing the cream cheese or cream cheese in this recipe and is usually a smaller amount of half of the rate is being used. This way you don’t like the outcome, by increasing the ratio of cream, as someone who makes cheesecake for years because I got the consistency I wanted, I knew how I could play with consistency, and this I have come to a good conclusion. But the cheesecake was so popular, because my recipe didn’t write. I photographed this recipe grows and getaway taking our weekly posts.

Burnt biscuit base like a cheesecake classic cheesecake the most important feature of the lack of a buttery and of the internal tissue, i.e., tissue with the body taken off their hands, while the Inner is warm, it is possible to have flow and consistency, but despite this, burn and flavor have karamelimsi. The first step was an attempt to provide consistency to all these features. Buttery, cream to set texture I’ve played with the amount of fluid, but any other flavor for this recipe ingredients must have the idea that when you were in karamelimsi provided with a lot more sugar to taste, using sugar or condensed milk and reducing milk jam flavor I tried and I got the expected to give. After all, milk jam cheesecake recipe also be suitable and this description is also of Latin origin. Cheesecake is maintained by the blight that takes the name of cooking at high temperatures, as you can imagine however, this short term we need to do is to cook with high heat, fluid or tissue can be lost. Trials in Phase I did the cooking, the long cooking definitely gave a bad result, first low, then high, too, but I tried that too I am not pleased, the most recent short-term high-temperature baking was in full consistency with. The recipe I want to make the recipe after telling me the details that I can share drives. Rested for 1 day in the fridge the cheesecake you see in the pictures, but as you can see, the middle section of cream, and soft, if you make the day if you make room temperature, you can see that is much more fluid when it comes to service, either way served, the taste is beautiful in every way, but it tastes different when they are rested. Let’s our recipe;

Ingredients: ( for 20 cm cuffs)

– 700 GR cream cheese

– 500 g cream

– 1 cup granulated sugar

– 1 tablespoon flour

– 4 eggs

– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


We’re keeping all our gear ready at room temperature before you begin. And our oven must be warmed up to 220 degrees. Cream cheese, flour, vanilla extract and powdered sugar thoroughly, beat the mixture must be completely homogeneous. Jam or cream and milk then add condensed milk and stir. Finally, we make sure that the eggs and add one more without flapping involved. Wax paper hand-canned (easier to shape in the mold in this manner is getting) and we put the mixture we pour into our prepared pans. We’re baking for 20-25 minutes warmed in the red. For my opinion, the temperature to 220 degrees sounds good, for the reason that temperature can vary with each oven for a 5 minute I gave in December, see the top portion of a desired degree burn you must be over cheesecake and immediately take out of the oven. When taking the cheesecake out of the oven, the interior must be soft and fully shaking the mold. When it comes to 1 day in the refrigerator 2-3 hours at room temperature or you can serve it by relaxing. Bon Appetit…

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