Carrot salad roll #recipes

This salad had my taste in Amal’s sister on the night I first fell. The construction came very easy to me. I would not recommend. The table for an elegant presentation and flavor…

-1 kg carrots
– 4 eggs
– 5 tablespoons flour
– 1/2 package of baking soda

To drive between

– 500 g yoghurt
– 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
– 3-4 cloves of garlic
– 4 medium carrots
– Salt
– Olive oil
– dill

We’re roasting grating all the carrots in olive oil until cooked. We’ll stir in the salt and leave to cool.
We’re beating the eggs. Add the flour and baking powder. take Rondo and Rondo we’re filming in 3/2 and carrots in a tray and we mix them.
We lay wax paper on a baking sheet, pour the dough we prepared and neatly pre-180 C. heard, we’re baking in the oven until the top turns pink. Makes the same roll as pie. We pulled the dough out of the oven with wax paper and towels with the help of the help aside to cool down and we’re waiting for the role in that way.
Yogurt, mayonnaise and crush the garlic and mix. 3/2 sin and we are adding the carrot into it. We’re putting aside the rest to drive to the top. We’re opening up the inside and break down slowly roll cake. We’re driving into the mix. Do we roll again. We’re driving the remaining yogurt mixture on top. Pour the chopped dill on top. Stretch film on roll with our salad we serve by slicing after waiting in the closet for a night off.

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