Have no oil butter. Under each cookie in our hands that we were dying to bring it up to room temperature butter don’t. Just there’s a waiting period in the fridge. A little bit 🙂 after a brownie cookie..crispy on the outside like a cheery

The recipe I did note that I’d do for a long time. Generally accepted materials to create a cookie with light chocolate fine though so it’s not easy.


For the dough :

130 g flour ( 1 cup + 2 tablespoons)

Cocoa 50 g ( 5 tablespoons)

150 gr sugar ( 1/2 cup + 5 tablespoons)

5 g baking powder (half a package)

A big pinch of salt

90 g chocolate, chopped coarse

2 large eggs

Oil 80 ml ( 8 tablespoons)

For the outer surface :

Chocolate or colored sprinkles

Flour,salt and baking powder and mix together.

Bir in another bowl, cocoa,sugar and olive oil, whisk.Continue whisking the mixture break the eggs and add them on top of the latest celebrity. The mixture will be slightly sticky and shiny don’t be afraid. Do not add flour.Latest add the chocolate and stir.

At this stage remove the dough rest for 2 hours and the fridge. Will recover both the dough and shape it will be easier.

2 hours later, your chocolate or colored candy bowl,take a teaspoon full and roll it from the mortar with a tray and sugar index.(normally medium-size ice cream with a spoon this process is being done, but are huge unnecessarily ) Spread is a paste that is available at frequent intervals for dizmey’s.

Pre-heated 180 degree oven and cook for about 10-12 minutes,wait at least 30 minutes to serve when.


All my love..

Gökçe 🙂

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