Candied Orange #recipes

These oranges taa/Antalya Finike with shipping to Erzurum came. Defeated shells to eat inside..And couldn’t, I had a nap…the rails … and the view

Orange Phoenicia do not know, but believe me, this is so beautiful.. thanks dear..really what are very hard to find Thank you Hilmi

5-6 peeled oranges. 1 Night in salt water is suspended.(whenever you change the water) and boiled for 5 min in cold water the shells are discarded into putting into the pot. This process is repeated once more. Shells is sliced according to the request. The shells at the same level in the pot is placed and water is added. 2 cups sugar boiled until the water evaporates by participating in. When it starts to boil 2-3 drops of lemon juice is added. After ili with powdered sugar or decorated with melted chocolate. Stand out out there for a day and dried.By placing it in a glass jar in the refrigerator or you can store your cake in the freezer to be used on. If you could protect the monster from candy, of course….

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