One of the beauties on the table the birthday of the blog, the other a butterfly-shaped folded napkins they had. Blog about napkin folding there are many suggestions in the archive, heart-shaped, star-shaped, pocket models are… invite someone who loves to make meals as Fancy, I call it the first eye. Butterfly napkins in fact, such as tulips, may also be considered. I used to lace the edges of the napkin fold, put the moment in the middle and a butterfly are in the form of badges. A plain napkin will look like when you fold a tulip the same way with more.

How to fold a napkin in the collage you can see above and below. I’ve numaralandirara each stage. Quite easy to fold, folding only in the stage you may need to pay attention to the stage from the reverse side.

After the completion of napkin folding, my preferred day because of the meaning of my badge, instead of small accessories available, colored stones figural ornaments can be tiny or even may be live or Chichewa. Wishing you pleasant to accompany your table, Bon Appetit….

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