Bundle Of The Bride #recipes

Today’s offerings in time to make the donuts. I ate this sweet Han Han is my friend, I really liked it, I tried it today. I’m guessing you’d like.

Chocolate pancakes for mingredients:
2 eggs,
1 cup milk,
1 cup vegetable oil1 tablespoon cocoa,
1 teaspoon baking powder
2,5 tbsp granulated sugar,
flour (until it receives).

half litre of milk,
half cups sugar
quarter cup corn starch,
quarter cup of flour,
25 GR. margarine,
1 package vanilla
1 sachet whipped cream powder.

Over material:
2 cups milk,
1 tablespoon corn starch
1 cup granulated sugar,
2 heaping tablespoons cocoa.

Pancake and mix all of the ingredients to a thick paste is obtained. Very slightly oiled pan, spread the dough and baked on a Teflon scoop. Top eye to eye when you’re removed from the pan and allowed to cool down.
Interior materials, margarine, vanilla, and powdered pudding mix and cooked to the consistency of whipped cream except when it is when it cools margarine, add vanilla and whipping cream and whisk.
Hprepared pudding a teaspoon full bthe IR is placed in the middle of the crepe. The edges of the crepe to be done pile The Shape of the bundle is given.
When it is over cooked to the consistency of pudding and mix the ingredients, let cool, sthe Scorpion is poured on during servicing. If desired, decorated with colored sugar.

Note: This measure turns out for 8-10 pancakes. I would advise you to take two measurement.

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