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To me one of the followers reached on Facebook, and this, too unknown, “Budapest Cake”and asked me to try. Sent me a link to this recipe to try. But I chose to search the net to try this cake recipe. Budapest Cake, a cake made especially in Sweden and Finland, it was a type of. The actual name is “Budapest”. There are more tangerine, but the .NET strawberry recipes, too. Since it is not the season I’d choose strawberries instead of Mandarin. To describe, I looked up videos on YouTube and blogs and foreign. As a result of my research and I found this video and in this video by adapting the recipe I followed:

To be honest, less material, although it is a challenging recipe. You need a strong electric beater to make this recipe. Indeed, from preparing a dough like dough meringue, beat the egg whites takes a lot of time. But it’s worth all this effort. Nuts I think, because it is a very light recipe. Loved the cake at home. Re-they want to do.


6 egg whites
250 g granulated sugar
Robot 150 GR/ Rondo taken in hazelnut
100 gr flour

For the cream:

1 small box (200 ml) milk cream
1,5 tbsp icing sugar

Sliced strawberries or Mandarin

To decorate:

Melted dark chocolate
Strawberry grains


1. Egg whites, meringue (cloth) dough as she prepares thoroughly (approximately 10-15 minutes) whisk (I suggest you use a powerful blender. Egg-whites will become hardens and Snow White. After 10 minutes, add the sugar gradually, and continue whisking. When you invert the bowl the egg whites to emit light in proportion to the needs.

2. Mix the ground hazelnuts and flour in a deep bowl and add the egg whites and whipped with gentle movements, try to eat the egg whites with a spatula.

3. A large baking sheet wax paper (wax paper if you’re placing a paper with the help of brush a little more oil) or like I did, place a silicone mat. Pour the dough onto a silicone mat or wax paper and flatten with the help of a spatula thoroughly.

Preheat the oven to. 160 degrees in the oven to bake for 20 minutes. Place wax paper on another tray out of the oven on the tray and close the tray out of the oven. Then, hold both trays together and turn it over.

Pulling dough mat or wax paper. Do this when it’s warm, make it easy for a sticker.

4. Milk cream and add icing sugar and whisk again until it is hardened with a strong beater whisk some more. Cream spread on dough

place sliced strawberries on it.

Then with the help of the remaining wax paper, slowly roll up.

In this way, leave in the fridge for 1 Night.

5. The next day, melt dark chocolate over a double boiler and drizzle over the cake procedure.

After his return chocolate, garnish the cake with strawberries.

Bon Appetit!

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