Black-and-white? Bjk?

Crescent my sister notified one day in advance. My nephew’s birthday, it would be Omar. Hopefully I’ll set up a small cake, I said. I told you to get in what colors. Black-and-White said.
E What Would you do. More Bjk Besiktas 1-2 years before thinking of the team that holds the Omer to prepare a themed cake would you start?
Well then, occurs within this image.

We’ve got cut out the other photos BJK ate anywayHowever, I always wear one even black and white shawl I made her, would love to anyway, next year I’ll do Fenerbahçe. First, of course, asking himself..
In the meantime, I’m pulling the figure to my attention. It’s not bad. I’m trying to push… I hope
Tell table;

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