Binensctich ❤arisokma the cake #recipes

Binensctich ❤Arisokma The Cake

Binensctich ❤Arisokma The Cake
the ingredients for the cake
4 eggs
2 packet vanilla sugar
4 dinner spoons milk
200gram flour
150 grams granulated sugar
1 package baking powder
the material

100 grams almonds
3 tablespoons cooking

the interior cream ingredients

1 package Dr. Oetker Paradiescreme (Vanillegeschmack) are those of cold milk, pudding powder
400 grams cream Scene dew
In a cabin deep in eggs ,sugar and milk thoroughly with a mixer for about 3-4 minutes are unbeaten.
Add and stir in the flour and baking powder and mix.
Put your pattern on it and pour it into the cake batter of almonds add plenty of Ahlat, and leave in the preheated oven .
Bake for 25 minutes at 175 degrees .
When the cakes are cooked, apply it with a brush on Bali.
Let your cake cool, cut the cake with a knife or a rope in the middle of the construction of the off .
The pudding cold with cream or milk by whipping a city fireman Dew You know you can use cold milk .
The recipe is written on the package that will change how the cake pudding in the middle of the pudding evenly Simina version.

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