Big Muffins #recipes

The size of the cupcakes that you made at home be small if you are having that big like the big ones if you are looking for the secret of this recipe is for you. Recipe From Ruki.
3,5 cup flour (cup measure or a measure and took a cup of water you can use as the base of her cup. Will be roughly the same)
Dough 2 teaspoons baking powder
Half teaspoon soda
½ Teaspoon salt
115 gr. butter or oil 190ml
1,5 cup(250g) granulated sugar
3 eggs
1 cup yogurt
Our oven set to 180 degrees and let it heat up. Except for the powdered sugar and vanilla in a bowl mix all of the dry material. Room temperature butter with granulated sugar until surging clap! Add the eggs one by one. Finally, add the vanilla and yogurt and clap again! Add to flour mixture and mix with a fork or a wire whisk dough. (definitely we don’t use a mixer, mix it until the mixture is wet, we leave famous) by filling greased muffin molds we prepared our dough by heaping pass out really good, let’s go. Cupcakes will be ready in approximately 25-30 minutes. If you wish to the dough grated chocolate, grape, orange peel, etc., or like me you can put a piece of chocolate or jam on the floor Dec.

Note: This dough is not 12 6-muffin dish to share, if the size of the muffins sold at Starbucks can be obtained from.

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