First of all.;I had a little accident at the beginning of my blog.Accidentally changed the color of the ground.There was one or two slight changes…

First of all.;I had a little accident at the beginning of my blog.Accidentally changed the color of the ground.One or two slight changes also happened unintentionally.I’m sorry, but hopefully soon I’m going to build a design.Today’s recipe on my Instagram I followed you with pleasure ‘I’d love to see a photo of the Kitchen in the philosophy of Dilber Lip.It was really great.Moreover, I had no difficulty in opening.In preparation for the feast and maybe gives you an idea of.


*1 cup plain yogurt
*1 cup vegetable oil
*1 cup water
*1 egg
*Baking powder.
*3 tablespoons vinegar
*Flour (to the consistency of the earlobe)

Open to:
*1 package corn starch

*At least 2 cups hazelnuts,walnuts or peanuts

*125 grams of butter

For syrup:
*3 cups water
*3 cups granulated sugar
*10 drops of lemon juice


1)a hot oven, then boil on low heat until about 10 minutes ago the slurry and cooling we are.(too dark, not too clear not)
2)dough ingredients with pastry dough too hard nor a soft dough kneading it like we are.We’re splitting the dough.Then each piece 8 we are making meringue.16 so the meringue will be.Cover with about half an hour we’re resting.
3)roller plate sized with starch with the help of one of nodes 8 we’re getting we’re opening.We’re laying them on top and sprinkle among them plenty of starch.We apply the same process to group other 8 Li.
4)we take the first 8 roll again and we’re opening up as much as we can.(at least the size of an oven needs to be opened)
5)we’re getting to half of the filling on each side.Long as we’re on a roll most roll by 3 fingers wide.Mold or round with cups of tea D-shaped pieces cut we’re going.(The flat edge next to the edge of the roll d) Other e 8 we also apply the same procedure.
6)D s tray we’re taking.You’re getting into, Don’t waste the remaining parts in a separate tray.(even on the same blank spots left on my tray platter cooked)
7)melt the butter we’re making, and desserts on we’re sharing.We’re baking in the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown.
8)hot out of the oven, pour the cold syrup sweet.We’re holding out for the juices to draw for at least 3 hours.

Bon Appetit:)

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