Borscht, my daughter’s strawberry soup from the language. Borscht at home track this past weekend. Because I was thinking that my daughter would want to eat him, I made a separate soup, beet soup and ate the soup but he tricked me enjoying giving it the name of strawberry. So, in life you can have unexpected results, thankfully this was a pleasant surprise.

There is an ice cold weather expectations and snowing outside. In such a weather, maybe even that you think that you don’t make the soup too and they have the beet recipe and I’ll give you a warm drink, you can make your children fall in love. Our practical recipe follows;


– 4 medium beets (750 g)
– 1 medium potato
– 1 medium onion
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 2 dried bay leaf
– 1 cup milk
– 100 ml cream
– Salt, pepper
– 2-3 sprigs of dill


Our beet potatoes, onions, garlic shells robbed after adding enough water to cover and bay leaves to cook after we leave. Has softened when vegetables are boiled, take from the stove and bay leaves we’re getting through. We are making a homogeneous mixture of all the ingredients are crushed with the help of a blender. Then our milk, cream and garnish with dill from tatlandirdik we add with salt and pepper, and serve we are. If necessary, you can use our hot water to adjust the consistency of soup. Bon Appetit….

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