bathroom with FRITTERS #recipes

It’s time to end the silence on the blog…

As my Instagram followers know, last weekend our blogger meetings took place in the 2015-2016 season classic for our first home. Really enjoyed the last meeting I’ll share details later, this is a pie recipe in the menu for the reception I want to give priority to. En-suite because of the name that gives me the right pie… a pie before cooking is taking a shower. How?

3 pcs soft

100 gr butter

1 egg yolk

3 medium potatoes

1 cup grated cheese

Salt, pepper

Our first pie, we prepare interior materials. My potatoes boiled, peeled away we’ve. We’re waiting for it to cool (to melt the cheese) and grated cheddar cheese, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.

We’re waiting until our ilinan melt butter. Open the pastry and brush with melted butter from one of our counter we we’re driving. After 2. we’re opening on the first pastry of pastry, again oil, syrup, 3. pastry we put them on the floor. Also on this floor our oil, syrup, pastry and then cut into 4 equal pieces by cutting each piece again to our first 4 triangular pieces to form the piece we’re cutting a total of 16. We put each triangular piece of stuffing to the wide side and wrap it around like egg rolls. All the pastries when we’re getting into the tray and then dip each pie in a bowl of water. On the egg yolks, syrup, sesame serpistirdik after we are firinliyor a preheated 180 degree oven until golden brown.

Note: This pie in the freezer prepare in advance and could hold up in the bathroom by having firinlayab you can prior to cooking.

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