As in the days of Corona…. Most of you know Gabriel Garcia Marquez’in “love in the time of cholera” so-called works. The book love, patience and pain, cholera disease while visiting he tells what happened in the early 1900s against Marquez with the tongue sleeve, and adapted well to the film. This book reminded me of the days most of US current often the corona, as in the days of the corona, the Corona was in the days of business with the analogy we express it. As you can imagine, I use mine very often as part. We stayed in the house and the whole family together that day in the kitchen, time is naturally increased. How healthy nutrition in an effort to even though I’m there are times when we have lost our appetite by way. Last weekend was one of them, and honey cheesecake wanted. I hadn’t done in a long time, and his household, along with how we started messing around with my books so she could get a cheesecake. Raspberry and white chocolate banana and caramel with a recipe from a recipe when one comes out, also I decided to make a cheesecake with a mixture of the two. Magnolia banana pudding cheesecake recipe from the recipe that inspired my mind even I came version I have created. A small amount of biscuits at home Magnolia original came from abroadalso when it comes to the phrase, my job is made easy. The result made us all happy, white chocolate, milk, jam and bananas you can expect to have another result.

The majority of those who know me and follow my page cheesecake iddialiyi about it. I love both and I do good, even though I’m a banana so far done many kinds cheesecakeI’ve done. But the ingredients I put into it and encouraged me describe this beautiful sight. The rain along with my daughter we go into the kitchen and we cooked our dessert. Rain crushing the biscuits, bananas, chocolate and cheese whisk chopping when he took an active role in my job got a lot easier. Of course, white chocolate and milk jam in the house that made our decision for us.

Ingredients: (20 CM for handcuffs)

– 800 GR cream cheese

– 3 eggs

– ¾ Cup granulated sugar

– 2 teaspoons corn starch

– 1 packet of oatmeal biscuits

– 80 g melted butter

– 200 ml cream (box)

– 100 g white chocolate

– 3 bananas (Medium, Large, 2 should be enough)

– Magnolia baby biscuits original biscuit or 15-20 if you can find one

– 100 ml cream (on)

– 1 teaspoon powdered sugar (on)

– 1 banana (on)


We are preparing the base of the cheesecake before. Cut butter and light syrup we’re putting into our base clamp wax paper mold, they will comewe crushed the biscuits with melted butter or oatmeal mix in a bag, HDI, mold our base at a height equal to mortar them in the fridge until you are ready and rolling out we’re holding our cake. In a mixing bowl cream cheese, starch, and powdered sugar with mixer, add and mix thoroughly. 200 ml cream half of it won’t come to a boiling point and we’re just warming up so we broke into the white chocolate and add, stirring constantly, to melt the chocolate we provide, we will add jam and milk. Portion 3-4 tablespoons of this mixture to use and then we allocate. (the cheesecake is done, we’ll use it as the sauce) and the other half of the cream cheese mixture adding the rest of what we are. Finally, when we add the egg mixture to each egg add one and we’re mixing at a speed as low as possible. Egg puff cake and The Cheesecake crack during baking in this way we won it will occur. We pour the mortar in the fridge ready for our 3 on someone in our base. And we have put sliced bananas on your baby cakes. (If the biscuits by breaking it into 2-3 parts if you use I suggest to make normal baby.) At this stage, the Rain made for your touch by adding your own white chocolate cheesecake a little broken.

Mortar biscuits and cheesecake with bananas and again we’ll be closing half of our rest we put on bananas and biscuits. This is because we’re on the second floor close to the surface that we put less bananas and biscuits and the lid is difficult to close the top of the cheesecake flat. The remaining portion of cheese into the mold and pour the mold tuition 2-3 times lightly on the counter if we provide an air bubble so we can hit it off there has been. Cheesecake our frontceden heard, we’re baking in oven 180 degree for 10 minutes, and then dropping the oven temperature to 100 degrees, and for 60 minutes we’re cooking up this way. We’re closing our doors oven, but the cheesecake to come to room temperature for 3-4 hours and we provide. We got the cheesecake from the oven if possible wait for at least 5-6 hours a night in the refrigerator so that the inside will be full of consistency, and the flavor will increase for the rest. Waiting for our cheesecake we can prepare for the service. Located on the top of our list for, 100 ml cream and stir until the sugar thoroughly with a mixer and we add a solid consistency. Cream cheesecake on we’re driving, and we are decorating with sliced bananas and biscuits. Finally, we will create the reserved milk mixture with the help of a spoon we pour over the jelly sekildecheesecake lines. We serve it sliced through. Bon Appetit…

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