Bacon Shredded #recipes

My daughter Melda the recipe that I did it this morning for my guests shared on the site. A very popular pie for breakfast.

300 GR. kadayif,
200 gr. bacon,
200 gr. cheese
1 cup grated cheese
For mortar:
2,5 cups milk,
2 eggs,
125 gr. butter.

Pudding, greased with half the butter, my didiklener are propagated to a large rectangular Pyrex. Covered with cheddar cheese and bacon on it. The inner material is coated on the other half of pudding didiklener again. Milk, eggs and butter whipped into pudding is poured in a way that will get wet all over. Let stand overnight in the refrigerator. Cooked in the oven to service the lower floor of close to 180 degrees. Serve hot.

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