Avocado Chocolate Truffles #recipes

At the moment, I have read so many articles about the benefits of the avocados, I decided to try a different flavor this with fruit Health store. I love the chocolate truffle. But normally made with milk cream, a little heavy and greasy to me. So, I decided to try the one that I used and avocado healthier driver. The result was very successful for me who has tasted my colleagues and to you, “sure, try it!” I’d say. Avocado dark chocolate is very healthy because both both. A repository of dark chocolate antioxidants. It lowers high blood pressure reduces the risk of heart disease. With avocado, contains about 20 different vitamins and minerals and is rich in unsaturated fats, helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

270 gr dark chocolate

1 ripe avocado

2 tablespoons cocoa


1. The procedure of a double boiler melt dark chocolate. So, the high heat-resistant chocolate, put them in a bowl. This bowl, Creamer sauce with the water in a pot or place it on top of it. Creamer or sauce pot is near the bottom of the furnace. Boil the water until the chocolate melts. When you melt chocolate, creamer or sauce pot remove from the heat.

2. The avocado with a fork or in a blender/with roughness stir it until there is overwhelming.

3. Stir until the chocolate is thoroughly melted and crushed avocado with ilimis ozdesleyin.

4. Leave the mixture in the fridge for at least an hour (you can forget about it and I kept waiting for 1 Night in the fridge).

5. Take a teaspoon and you roll your palms with the help of the chocolate pieces. Then, roll the chocolate balls in cocoa and cocoa thoroughly, add to.

6. Remember to store in the refrigerator.

Bon Appetit!

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