AUGER PIE with plenty of vegetables #recipes

Auger pie recipe with plenty of vegetables at home, because here I thought I’d add the pumpkin, remaining 2 was not the fact that my wife had spinach from the market to evaluate 2 Mean (least to eat a bunch of sounds because 2) I’ve 3 hazirlayivermis with filo pastry. However, after baking my pie before you put in the story of Instagram and we’ve had many requests to describe their share, and before you eat the pie I made my model and I decided to add it here too.

I’ve made this pie a recipe I am often at home to assess if the remaining greens go together, put together, and I’m making with filo pastry in different ways, last time I made a big roll, this time, I cooked it in a pot and Auger. A salad and soup with the meal are not available, the next tea too enjoyable. Carrots with leeks instead of spinach or another good weed to this mixture you can add together or even we can, sometimes even I’m adding pumpkin. Meanwhile, if you use spinach if you don’t dispose of the root portions, usually putting it in the freezer to add to soups, sometimes I’m doing the dinner of spinach root, but this time with a delicious garlic yogurt appetizer/salad I’ll share it on her Instagram I turned it into.

The famous opening which gives the taste and appearance of the pastries to even small amounts of vinegar, I’m doing a mixture of starch, the sheets are never dry so it doesn’t have taste. If using the oven to cook spring rolls, the casting base to ensure even cooking, I prefer baking pans or other cast in a rice cooker, but if I do the whole roll in one piece in the tray I’m baking, because I don’t prefer this style pies cooking in glass cooking pots for the bottom middle is not very good too, though this See also out of the oven. Anyway, let’s get to our recipe…


– 3 pieces of filo pastry

For stuffing pie:

– 2 bunches spinach leaves

– 7 or 8 sprigs fresh onion

– 7 or 8 sprigs parsley

– 7 or 8 sprigs fresh dill

– 7 or 8 sprigs fresh mint

– 1 onion

– 2 pumpkin

– Cheese 150 GR ezine

– Salt, pepper, and a little pepper

Pastry Into:

– 1 tablespoon flour

– 1 tablespoon cornstarch

– 2 tablespoons vinegar

– 2 tablespoons butter

– 1/2 cup olive oil


– 1 egg

– Poppy or sesame seeds or nigella


First, we are preparing our internal mortar. We’re thoroughly boring, grating the waters of our pumpkin, and spinach leaves very large she’s having a baby, or we’re raising our hands, fresh onions, mint, parsley and dill also cut, mix with the chopped onion slightly, usually I’m doing with my hand, and thus, the onion and the spinach eased a little and they’re off. Chunky honey then we add the cheese, a little salt, pepper and a little paprika with our mortar mix, we are prepared.

In a small bowl, thoroughly mix the starch and flour with olive oil and melted butter and add the vinegar and mix our mortar ilimis we also continue to roll out the dough we prepared we are. Now we can have pie.

The oily mixture all over pastry and we’re driving we prepared to open one of the edges we obtain by folding a large square, and the edges meet in the Middle don’t need to. We make parts in the corners, the middle section, with two coats of Falun. In this way, we’re on a veggie serpistiriyo plenty of mortar, mortar should be collected in a place everywhere. The edges of the pastry then roll off without we’re doing, we’re going to cut in half lengthwise and roll. We Auger our cake we place on lightly greased cooking by the resulting parts. As you can see on the screen for exposed mortar on the inner, an image emerges. If you want without becoming Auger, then an oven dish with a pie looks like, then you can get pleated. All the pastry is prepared in the same manner as after the mortar and add just the yolk of egg or a rough oily where we have our pastry we’re driving on, then the black seed, sesame seed or poppy serpistiriyo we are. We’re baking in the oven, preheat to 190 degrees for 50 minutes. As we are doing a service by slicing warm. Bon Appetit…

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