Tart with asparagus was a recipe I wanted to do for a long time. This medicinal vegetable pie, which has been for the last 4-5 years as I did in my kitchen. Now, in the market have proliferated in the market, and it was much easier to find.

Asparagus grow in the spring, in summer as well, can be found in a lot of canning and subsequently more is available. Tilkisen asparagus, wild varieties have names for regional and kedirgen. The kidneys, which is beneficial for white asparagus, and purple types are equipped with Yesil.

Usually asparagus in the oven with a little olive oil with salt and pepper when I’m cooking out of the oven, grating Parmesan. In this way, a very tasty meal companions are in the next photo you can see an example. This way you can add to raw salads or if if found fresh asparagus. I’m making an omelette. You can use many vegetables for this tart recipe for today’s tart with some. At the base of the puff pastry dough over cheese mixture and the vegetable of the latest winter or other liquid. In addition to asparagus, artichokes, zucchini, broccoli and my tips.

Clean the asparagus stalks are thick when there’s a breaking point of you can tear off with your hands, and then if the stalk is thick, peeling gently from the edges with the help of the apparatus can peel. This action is required for the part alive and fresh sap and it is fine asparagus, the asparagus, you can use this directly.

Our recipe is as follows;


-6 square piece puff pastry (I used 8 pieces for a little tart, the ratio of material while preserving single-or double-you can make small or large tart. Measure is for 6 frames)

-1 egg

– 100 ml cream

– 1 cup grated old cheddar cheese

– 1-2 tbsp olive oil

– Less lemon zest

– 2 tablespoons cooked leeks (the leeks finely chopped 3-4 sprigs we’re roasting in olive oil)

– Salt, pepper

– 10-12 sprigs of asparagus


First, we’re making our puff pastry base. The procedure for this wait until the puff pastry squares at room temperature a half hour before we bring them together. For this with the help of wax paper on the roller, gently providing them to unite we’re going through now. (Same as I’ve done cooking with wax paper, this way is easier.) Napoleons cold and have to be turned up slightly, otherwise yanked on it, too can be opened and in this case does not swell. After you’ve put together, the dough we’re opening up a hole with a frame and fork. the inner portion of the frame pierced with a fork, the egg yolk out of the frame and in advance we are taking our heard, we’re baking in oven 180 degree for 30 minutes. The reason we put our gear in the middle portion for drilling later in this section, we want to create a slight hole and internal to it. Despite the holes in the middle, puff pastry, though, will be the height of the edge by pressing with fork surging the places we protect.
Puff pastry base, entering our base we are preparing mortar. In a bowl, the yolk and the remaining egg whites, heavy cream, grated cheese, salt, pepper and lemon zest together.( Fits into the creamed mixture and lemon zest nutmeg grater you can use instead of individuals.) To give a little more flavor to the mix, pre-cooked, I added The Leek. Leeks instead of onion, cooked or cooked in the same way, when you add 2-3 sprigs of fresh onion or chives, you can use. If you wish, just put the cheese on the mixture, and still will be a very tasty pie.

The tart base mortar, with the help of spoon when it’s ready is rolling out puff pastry into the base. Then add the asparagus and brush with the help of our we have been putting olive oil on the asparagus in the oven, warmed and again we give it. To cook at 170 degrees for 25-30 minutes will be enough. If you don’t want to cook a lot of asparagus, if the internal mortar and cook for 15 minutes, you can add it afterwards.

Note: the Tart as the base of the page location in winter you can use their base. Here you can find my recipe for other winter.

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