A healing season is short artichoke flavor. I’m dying in the effort to consume in abundance in spring. Today everyone can easily eat and which is the subject of sharing the salad recipe.

The artichoke salad I’m sure will be very nice when I saw it on Instagram, and immediately I decided to try it. I’ve done many times since that day and already had a recipe that I liked. Fancy kitchen with the owner of the block, were shared for the ladies you desire, add corn to the salad and the sauce in the original recipe for this sauce which is my favorite, so I made the sauce was enough to add honey to the sauce. Our delicious recipe is as follows;


– 3 roasted red peppers

– Less Yesil onion or chives
– 10-12 pieces of gherkin pickles
– 4-5 sprigs of dill

– 4-5 sprigs parsley
– 1 yellow pepper

For the sauce:

Lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, honey, black pepper, salt

Our lemon boil artichokes in water, we are cutting large cubed shaped. Red onion, gherkin pickles, green onion, dill, and chop up the yellow pepper and stir it. The sauce in a separate bowl, prepare salad and our we add. When you’ve waited 1-2 hours to make the sauce more delicious. Bon Appetit…

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