The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 the last day of the show when I’m writing a new post to the blog. If you are reading this article means nothing to anyone:) I think today will be the beginning of other innovations. I want to believe that the world would be full of more goodness, in the current situation, although find this hard to believe…

As the owner of a food blog in 2013, starting in this new era, I wish to share my experiences and myself into the kitchen more and more here too.
You may remember my post from last year to this table, welcome. The pieces I acquired an invite to My Table 1 year I can’t write here:)

As you can see in the next photo, 2012 Hello, I made breakfast last year, my blogger friends. While it’s still on the excitement of being a new mom, I was dared into a table like this with the advantage of being on maternity leave. Write it in time this year, when remained.

New Year dinner table always as we think, yet we do like New Year’s breakfast, to celebrate a option. I made also a part of the preparations according to the dinner table. Recommendations table layout, media accessories, and tapas-style food may be an alternative to the dinner table.

I’m on the table New Year in 2011 again, in the last years I built a table in red again, this time instead of the table decor pine tree mumlug I used red and white carnations in the flower bed as you see I put me.

Classic fir tree in my house on the place was erected. This year, we have settled into a corner, that will grow more difficult to reach the rain tree.

I lighted a tiny deer at the bottom of the pine tree take its place while covering the feet of our tree is a gift.

Refresh last year my socks, adorn the door of the salon. I put out some candy to little kids.

Rain took before the birth of my baby showers parties, both in the hospital and this time I used wrought iron decorated tree in the middle of our table were settled.

Glass angels that I used the previous year was still on the table. My business cards kartlik reindeer was there. This time bringing my press cards in red patterned selencig…. The table cloth My Little Angels, sprinkle angel with Star napkin rings for the napkins and I used.

I used gümüşlü services, preparing cups, grey and silver patterned red cloth with pouch by making my dishes and every dish I opted for chocolate into little tablets I put.

Jasmine if you look you can see from this photo our table. Obvious itself on top of the length of the chair or stool is not enough sometimes when capturing such beautiful images:)

The overall image of the food I have prepared with contributions from my guests, the buffet in the picture below. Varieties from breakfast, savory and familiar with the varieties of cookies and bread baked with our arrival until the day of Ashura coincides with the month of Asure menu was quite rich.

One of the most clicked pages of my blog practical recipes for breakfast spelling. I guess I’ll write this post in my next post for the food on our table and breakfast will enrich the file.

The buffet cheese plate… images, from different angles, flavored butter, jams, olives, tomato and olive surmelik practical of butter, milk, jam, smoky tomato…. The blog at some existing recipes, all of them in detail in future posts will take place.

This zucchini patties that I made in the form of a pine tree in the Christmas spirit. Cook patties recipe in the oven I’ll write soon.

Most of my time in the menu a new recipe, baked with cheese full of flavor… I have prepared this note had taken that day, and fried peppers filled with cheese on the side.

This last photo shows our desk in the following hours of the day that become.

Before the New Year, are attempting to rewrite my page, but filled with enjoyable meals in advance to all of you health I wish you a good last year….

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