Sweet pea ( Irmiksiz) Happy Holidays

Visitors celebrate the feast of sacrifice my all, health, peace, I wish peace. One of the easiest and most popular pumpkin desserts for the holidays. It’s easier to be done. Usually made with semolina. But here’s a recipe I’m going to give irmiksiz. Are at least as delicious as they are made with semolina.


For The Dough;

* 2 eggs

* 250 g butter (at room temperature)

*2 cup powdered sugar

*4 cups flour

*1 packet of baking powder

For Syrup;

*4 cups water

* 3 cups granulated sugar

* 1 lemon


Egg yolks and nuts.


1)break the eggs and lightly add powdered sugar and mix the dough.

2)mix and butter on it, add baking powder and flour and begin kneading the dough. 3)meanwhile, for syrup, put water and sugar in a pot and bring to boil. After boiling turn off and squeeze the lemon into it.

4)you tear off pieces of dough and roll it beating Walnut.

5) when you roll the dough, pressing down slightly into the middle of cukurlastirin and place it in the tray.

6)put the nuts into place after placing a hole in the middle.

7)bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees until golden brown.

8)hot right out of the oven, still hot pour the syrup on top of the pumpkin and let stand until absorbed thoroughly. after cooling to serve.

Bon Appetit..


My late mother’s pie, which is the most frequently made “Cheese boregi hand you” this time it was my sister. thanks. For those old familiar taste on my palate was…
*1 egg
*1 tablespoon ( tbsp ) yogurt
*1 tablespoons ( tbsp rice vinegar
*1 cup warm water
*4-5 cups flour
the inner material
cheese and parsley
1-knead the dough and let rest for a bit. Bring a tangerine the size of nodes and The Shape of a circle with roller and thin.
2-put the chopped parsley and half the cheese between the form of a circle and close in.
3-fry in hot oil duplex. Bon Appetit

I think made too much calorie but once in a while can beat. Waffle is done on special machines. But it is not in the condition I think. Very good waffles in the toaster can be made fruity, creamy, or desired the kind you can do your self at home.


*5 egg yolks,

* 5 eggs ( well beaten)

* 3 tablespoons hot water

* 1su cup sugar,

* 1limon zest,

*150 GR flour

*1 packet of baking powder.


1.Egg yolks, water and lemon rind mix well.

2.Thoroughly whisk the egg with sugar until it became whiter in a separate location on.

3. Sifted flour, baking powder, egg whites, sugar, blanched mix together thoroughly.

4. The pulp without further ado, In a teflon pan and pour a ladle or a toaster or waffle maker and cook for 5-6 minutes.

5.Uon top chocolate mousse, hazelnut cream, ice cream, nuts, fruit, etc serve by adding

tuna pasta

 My children’s favorite pasta tuna pasta. In fact, they love all kinds of pasta. Pasta and carbohydrates because it contains both meat and vegetables but this alone can be a meal alone.

1 package of pasta
1 onion
2-3 garlic cloves
olive oil
Yesil pepper 2-3
2 large tomatoes
1 package of tuna
salt, pepper

The macaroni are boiled in salted water. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. Onion, half-moon or quarter-moon shaped pieces cut. Chop garlic finely and saute together in a little olive oil.
Core deposits Yesil remove the peppers and chop finely. Peel the tomatoes and cut in small pieces, Tu-pepper to taste and simmer and cook until the tomatoes are tender with. Added into tuna (canned heat with oil is filtered).
The boiled and drained pasta to a serving plate is taken. Spread the tuna on the sauce. 


CHERRY chocolate chip MUFFIN ( Current)

Years ago I made the muffins again with the new photos I wanted to share. Make sure that everyone who eats will love it. My previous publications can be found here.

*2 eggs

*3 cups granulated sugar
*3 cups vegetable oil( I added 1 cup of melted butter )
*2 cups yogurt
*6 cups flour
*1 packet of baking powder
*1 package of vanilla
*Drops as much chocolate as you desire
*The desired amount of pitted cherries ( can be frozen )

1.Firstly, sugar and eggs thoroughly beaten, one by one, yoghurt, butter and sifted flour and baking powder, vanilla, flour and the clerk’s are unbeaten.

2.Initially after adding The Chocolate Drops them in muffin paper and spoon the dough on the bottom of the mold we put a put a cherry on each one.
3.Then again, each one of our templates and measured in a way put more dough with a cherry filling. 4.Full 15 this measure comes out.
5.We’re baking until golden brown and bake in preheated 180.
6. Approximately 25-30 minutes.
7.Dip a toothpick into a muffin cooking cooked they too can understand. If we ruined the dough is baked the muffins is messing with the toothpick.
Bon Appetit…

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