Always read before buying a bicycle

1-What to consider when choosing a bike?

  1. • The bike should be at a size suitable for your height.
  2. • For bicycles to be used on multi-slope roads, triple crankset (front gear) and 34, 36 nails and one ruble (rear gear) should be preferred.
  3. • The purpose of the bicycle should be suitable for your expectations. Road biking is used for competition and exercise, city biking is used for commuting to work and school, and mountain biking on rough roads.
  4. • It may be more useful to choose a hard and supportive seat. But most importantly, it is recommended to choose the seat suitable for the hip structure – especially wider for women.
  5. • You should pay attention to the usefulness of the brake and gear mechanism.
  6. • Appropriate attention should be paid to the suitability of the staff’s weight and design.
  7. • If it is a shock absorber, the quality of the shock absorber should be considered.
  8. • It should be checked whether there is a spare part problem.
  9. • There must be a baggage, especially on a bicycle that is bought with the idea of ​​going to work, going to school, shopping in a market.
  10. • Brake selection: Disc brake is more convenient and safe. The V-brake system is also sufficient for a bicycle that will not be used at very high speeds and for long periods.

2-Which are the top 10 bicycle brands in the world?


  1. Pinarello
  2. Specialized(Sworks)
  3. Cannondale
  4. Giant
  5. Cervelo
  6. Scott
  7. Canyon
  8. Focus
  9. Merida
  10. Ridley


Best Bicycle Brands of 3-2020


  1. Specialized
  2. Trek
  3. Giant
  4. Scott Sports
  5. Cannondale
  6. Santa Cruz
  7. whites
  8. Orbea
  9. Cube
  10. Merida


4-What should be considered when buying a racing bike?

  1. The staff size must be determined correctly.
  2. You have to make a choice according to which road you will ride the bicycle. Cyclecross bicycles are more suitable to use on rough roads.
  3. Factors such as the size of the wheel, gear or no gear, rim length, seat height, gears, weight of the bicycle should be evaluated as a whole.
  4. It is recommended to test drive before buying the bicycle.
  5. The level of the racing bike to be bought must be determined correctly. It will be more suitable for those who are just going to start with a racing bike with an aluminum body and carbon tongs.
  6. Products to be used for sports and entertainment should be selected from models that offer the opportunity to use in an upright position.
  7. It is extremely important to prefer robust bicycles in terms of both design and material.
  8. Offering an opportunity to use parallel to the ground, road bikes also reduce wind resistance and enable longer periods of use.


5-Are electric bicycles intact?

  • Electric bikes are generally robust and useful products. There are also water resistant models.
  • They have a very wide charging range (depending on the capacity of the battery) from 30 minutes to 8 hours. You can think of the average battery life as a full charge of 800-1000 times. Of course, this life can be extended with careful and precise use, but after a full charge of about 1000 times, the battery should be replaced with a new one.
  • The range varies between 40-200 kilometers at a time, depending on the capacity of the battery.
  • An electric bike with a motor power of 500 watts travels an average of 25 kilometers, while an electric bike with a motor power of 1200-1500 watts can travel about 40-50 kilometers.
  • Because they are quiet, there is a risk of causing traffic accidents.
  • Another danger is that although a certain speed is reached, it can be used without the need for a license or other license. In this regard (legal regulation allows up to 25 kilometers per hour) requires drivers to be more conscious.

6-How many lira are the most expensive bikes and which ones


  1. Litespeed Blade Bike: 40.000$
  2. Electric Assist Bicycle by eRockit: 44.000$
  3. Montante Luxury Gold Collection: 46.000$
  4. Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bicycle: 50.00 ile 70.000$ arasında.
  5. Chrome Hearts X Cervelo: 60.000$
  6. Trek Madone 7-Diamond: 75.000$
  7. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike: 114.400$
  8. Kaws-Trek Madone: $ 160,000
  9. Trek Yoshitomo Nara: 200.000$
  10. Trek Butterfly Madone: 500.000$


7-Fastest 3 bike models and brand


  1. Canyon Aeroad CF SLX


25.3 (KM / S)


  1. Ridley Noah SL

25.1 (KM / S)

15.6 (MİL/S)

  1. Sensa Romagna

25.0 (KM / S)

15.5 (MİL/S)


What are the road bike suggestions at the beginner level?






  2. TREK 1.5


  1. triban 3




  1. salcano xrs 030


9-Portable Bicycle suggestions


Carraro Flexi 121 Folding Bike 21 Gear



Bisan Fx 3800 V Brake 2020 Model 16 Wheels Folding Bike



Dahon Vıtesse D8 Folding Bike


Salcano F300 6 Gear 20 Rim Folding Bike 2020 Model


Fonte Fonte G1 Foldable Bike




10-Mountain bike recommendations



Giant Talon 29er


Polygon Bikes Siskiu 29 6


GT Verb Comp



Bulls Cobra Disk 29


Norco Bigfoot 6.3 Rigid



11-What are the other tools and equipment to be bought while buying a bicycle?


  • First aid kit and backpack
  • Bicycle bags
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Bicycle helmet cover / raincoat
  • Pedals
  • Drinker and cage
  • Bicycle Locks
  • Bicycle pump
  • Cycling clothing (Example: cycling tights)
  • Patch kit (in case the tire bursts on the road)
  • IsikletBike Cymbals and Horns
  • IsikletBicycle Mirrors
  • IsikletBike Fenders
  • Bisiklet Mandalları
  • Bicycle Carrier
  • Chain Controller
  • oversleeve
  • Multifunction Repair Kit


12- How many km can mountain bikers use?


The answer to this question differs according to the bicycle user’s ability, mountain bike model, tires and engine power. For example, there are even mountain bikes reaching 167.6 KM per hour, and this is a world record. This world record, which was broken by the Austrian Markus Stöckl, “How many KM speeds can be made with mountain bikes?” is the answer to the question. Apart from this, the road that everyone can take on mountain bikes and the speed limit that they can reach in an hour will vary. For example, you can go stable on the asphalt at a speed of 28-32 KM, and when you go up to 40 kilometers, you can get stuck. It varies from person to person.


13-Why is cycling sport so expensive?


This is related to the price / performance concept. There is no such thing as winning from the bicycle industry. For this reason, operating cost is more reflected in the unit price. It is expensive as there is not much competition between manufacturers. Moreover, quality products require quality craftsmanship, which naturally increases the cost. This is another reason why bicycle prices are expensive. The import of both materials is also a factor affecting bicycle prices in our country.


14-Safe driving tips


  • Obey the traffic rules. Concentrate your attention on traffic and environmental conditions while cycling. Stand at the red light.
  • Use alternative streets instead of busy streets.
  • Be careful at all times, act by thinking that vehicles and pedestrians do not see you.
  • Leave a distance of not less than 3 meters between you and the vehicles you are going to, against sudden braking.
  • Use the bicycle bell for your safety in traffic.
  • If there is, use the bike path, if not, always go to the right of the path,
  • You should have headlights and taillights, there should be reflective material on the tires or wheels.
  • Put on a helmet, wear gloves.
  • Always wrap the handlebars with your palms, rather than leaving your hands on the handlebars freely.
  • Do not drive aerodynamically on busy streets. Keep this to villages and mountain roads where there are few cars.

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