Almond pastry Muhallebili #recipes

Muhallebili Almond pastry

Muhallebili kadayıf Almond my recipe

::Ingredients pastry 500 grams of almonds half a cup of drawn to it

4 tablespoons butter 2 cups powdered sugar sugar vanilla extract

::ingredients for rice pudding

1 cup flour 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar 400 ml milk 1 starch 1 liter of raw cream and one cup powdered sugar over the melted butter then slice it with a knife first the preparation of pudding mix and almond pudding and pour a spoon thoroughly and put it in a cup of water on a teflon pan to light brown, sugar, vanilla sugar, and a good cook when it comes to the color of the desired consistency, turn the heat off tin.

In a small bowl over started to prepare custard, milk, cream, raw starch, and beat him first clerk after the clerk, granulated sugar and vanilla sugar until the consistency of the heat and cook over medium heat and pour two tablespoons of prepared pudding on the base from flapping kaseleri straight after the call, over the custard, pour in two tablespoons of hot pudding on your face from us and from said close the lid on them and leave to cool in the fridge before serving and you may want to keep fruit as you want on it and I put them on I used blackberries karamik if you want toasted almonds, serve it with a yummy recipe I need to listen to it too and you can enjoy in summer iftar is really awesome I must say-good try a cold refreshing in the heat


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