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I have so much to tell about China and the lifestyle you want to squeeze more out of but I don’t. Therefore, I’ve decided to introduce you to Chinese cuisine from what I saw from the tip.

As someone who has tasted in Chinese cuisine, I realized, it’s not Chinese food here. 🙂 So broad “types,” and here don’t have taste. But there are those of us you better I’m confused. I liked you just the taste that I don’t want to talk about the food because I want to remember the others.

The sea, river and Lake in the region for the lack they eat fish. The fishes are not as juicy and tasty as the sauce, and therefore not necessarily true in our country are consumed. Baked fish in this sauce is extremely delicious.
In a way that is unique among the favorite foods of the Chinese and various methods (steam-in-oil-in-water boiled) cooked the ravioli got. Out of the ravioli dough we know, but they have all sorts of meat, or rice grass, is happening. I don’t know what’s in it, but one of them fried in oil was really tasty. As far as celery and green onion had recorded.
There is pretty much seafood in Chinese cuisine. All kinds of fish, crabs, algae of various types are eaten. from what I saw while browsing in my store the most loved crab. Also it’s so cheap… raw beans, carrots, squid and cooked crab meat mixed with a lot of spices, this dish almost wiped vacuumed.
The Chinese have no such thing as a dinner salad. Instead, the thing comes down to either aqueous or boiled mushrooms with spices in a team. I still don’t know what is inside, there are vegetables and carrots. I need to ask my teacher if I can remember them…
The Chinese did it and how they love to eat meat all the meat in the meat dishes I eat in a way I don’t know, it’s incredibly soft, just melts in your mouth it’s like. The food here is also big onion pieces and various half-baked pork blended with vegetables, meat or a meal of some meat dishes can be made alone never even thought of Dana, ask and I need to not take chances. It’s not in this picture but someone else, was located in a section that I don’t want to remember this trip 🙁

Introducing the food I ate on my first day I was here and I was very pleased. I ate together at a local restaurant there were dishes and all day my stomach that causes you to be out of my mind. I screamed till even where that smell 🙂 but I still have all the Chinese food I’m not cold now. This last day takes us to a Chinese man, and the effect of food carefully chosen from the list of course has.

For example, shrimp wrapped around one.. I love the taste on the outside and seasoned fish patties fried peanuts the elephant. I guess I could try this at home.
They don’t put a fish in Chinese. For example, the next at dinner, hollowed-out bread served with a delicious sauce and a warm salad with the fish in it was made. As far as I can tell, corn, onion, celery were used in abundance everywhere. I don’t know what else, and I don’t want to know, I ate, I passed :))

The Chinese are known for all kinds of things that can be eaten cooked or baked. For example, from the table during a meal for a treat later lotus flower (lotus) that is when I found out I was very surprised. Tastes exactly the radish looked like. For example, from the top right in the above picture 3. that flower food in the tray. The woman in the picture I saw walking on the road I wanted to take a picture and allow you to. But it wouldn’t let me first say thank you, and back again when I’m allowed to call. Chinese food eat in strange restaurants, or taking from the streets this kind of a machine like this. Like selling hot dogs in US, but never don’t you think that smells delicious like a hot dog :)))) I ran as soon as she gets the picture :)))

Chinese cuisine in general is really good. Choose from the list know what you would work alone. This is something to be learned over time. Until then, you need to know to be prepared for accidents outside the home or no food or. From the moment of the accident here below a picture taken 2 seconds ago :)))

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