A ham and cheese crepe beading – ..

Stacking pancakes on our last table we give a detailed description of the crown of the head. We’re in the archives, and you you’re rock 🙂

For pancakes ;
2 ,5 cups of milk
2 cups flour
2 eggs…
1 teaspoon baking powder
Eggs,milk and whisk in flour until smooth. Take a ladle and poured into the heated pan is a little less than. The duplex is cooked at high temperatures. ( thin is important )
10-12 pancakes will be enough.
– Grated cheese
– 150 – 200 g bacon ( small fragmented)
– Half a package of cream

The pancakes are arranged on a plate that can go in the oven. Between them, respectively, cheddar – cheese+bacon put. Before serving pour the cream to the top and bake it. With whipped cream on butunlesene in the oven until heated.

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