3×3 Game #recipes

Again, a game, a new game…

When you start in this game Hülya Tuba dear Lady,Marbling,they invited me the horizon and the Lotus. I was finally able to join me though in latency. Treat I’ll give you my recipes soon.
1.1.3 city where you live before:
Konya, Antalya, Istanbul
1.2. You went for the holidays, you see, and you want to suggest 3 places?
Alanya, Marmaris, Side
1.3. You want to live (you will see) 3 city?
I love all of my country. The ones I love is enough to get you by my side I could live anywhere.
2.1. What’s your current profession?
Homemaking and motherhood which I think is the hardest profession…
2.2. If you had the world again, what profession would you like to do?
I wanted to be a designer.
2.3. “Definitely I couldn’t do it” you say what is your occupation?
Marketing, persuasion no.
3.1. Is one of the words that comprise your philosophy of life?
I can’t get a single word but I love the philosophical life there is a saying that “you must live in the rain to see the rainbow.”
3.2. Taken from a book, a sentence or paragraph or chapter you love?
Of course, but right now I can’t remember.
3.3. A love poem is a part of you?
My wife wrote me a poem that I’ve always liked a lot.

I’d take you,
I’ve been sleeps at night.
The name I could forget about my tongue in
Ripped off all the syllables…

Orange Cake
Nesrin , courtesy and for spring

Tiny salt cookies,
Spring Blossom for dinner and We Gulenay

Apple Napoleons,
Tugba , Crescent and Hesna ‘ or I am offering…

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