35 ways to make wavy hair without using heat

 We all love to style our hair and hair and try different models. However, we wear out the hair we love so much as a result of the heat treatments we apply, and cause them to break, appear dry and lifeless. That’s why we’ve compiled for you 5 practical ways to get great curls without using heat or fraying our hair.

1. Curly Hair With Curler
When it comes to getting wavy hair without using heat, the first method that comes to mind is using curlers. There are many options but sausage curlers are the most suitable curler type for home use. It creates both natural curls and it is not a nightmare to spend the night with curlers thanks to their soft structure.
How to Use Sausage Curler?
  1. Take a pinch of your damp hair and wrap your hair inward, starting from the tip.
  2. Repeat this process for all your hair.
  3. Spend the night like this and remove the curlers.
with-wavy-hair curler
How to make wavy hair without using heat
2. Wavy Hair With Bandana
With this method, you can get nice and natural waves without wearing your hair in any way.
How To
  • First, comb your damp hair and split it into several handles.
  • Wrap your hair like braids and tie the ends with a rubber buckle.
  • Spend the night like this and turn your hair in the morning.
  • After spreading your hair a little bit on your fingers, you are ready to go out!
3. Curl Your Hair
It’s one of the most practical ways to get wavy hair. A few rubber buckles and combs … That’s all you need.
How To
  1. Spray and comb your hair lightly.
  2. Separate your hair into tufts according to the size of the waves you want to achieve.
  3. Curl the tufts that you have separated by their ends and fasten them with a buckle.
  4. If you spend the whole night like this, you can wake up with your natural wavy hair.
heat-wave-to-use hair
4. Do Wavy Hair With Hair Band
If you want to get natural and big waves easily without using heat, you will love this method.
How To
  1. Wash your hair and leave it slightly moist.
  2. Put the headband over your forehead and put it on your head.
  3. Starting from the front of your hair, wrap the medium tufts around the headband.
  4. Repeat the process for all your hair.
  5. Sleep with your hair wrapped around and open your hair in the morning.
  6. If you wish, you can get more natural waves by opening your hair with your fingers, and you can use hair spray for permanent waves all day long.
5. Do Wavy Hair with a Straw
Our last method is a little different, maybe a little challenging. But the result is simply great! If you want thin and spiral curls, this method is for you.
How To
  1. Divide your slightly damp hair into small tufts and wrap them in straws.
  2. After wrapping your hair, crimp the ends of the straws and fix them with wire buckles or forceps.
  3. After a few hours curl curl, you will have wonderful hair.

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