26 Gold Bracelet Models

If you are looking for a privileged elegance with different styles and wrists in gold bracelets, which are always the most preferred jewelery for women, you should definitely choose your choice from atasay gold bracelet models. Because it is due to the quality and dedication of every detail to the bracelets without sacrificing quality. Whether you want to gift these bracelet models to yourself or your relatives for jewelry purposes, your best decision will be these models. It is not possible to dislike yellow gold thanks to its distinctive shine and the elegance that stands out with its engravings. As for the appearance, the factor other than the applied workmanship has been manifesting itself in a heavy appearance, as you can imagine. For this reason, especially ladies, they want to complete their outfits with these gold jewelery because they choose stylish evening dresses in their clothes, whether they have special occasions or invitations. Also, for example, these ancestral gold bracelet models will be the most appropriate decision, since parents will choose the most spectacular and heaviest jewelery in jewelry ceremonies that have become the custom of your relatives or children’s weddings. On the other hand, you can also think of it as a forward-looking investment because it does not lose its value in any way. The reason, as we said, has not only lost its value, but has also become the only option as a result of its value increasing day by day. When you look at it as a piece of jewelry, do not forget that the elegance that occurs when you include your choices will also add a different kind of elegance and elegance to your wrists. It is prepared with the aim of adding different meaning and elegance with diamonds and precious stones in addition to the shape applied to yellow gold in order to make the designs of the models different in each period. Therefore, if you are always looking for a right address in jewelry and want to make a choice for models, do not ignore these opportunities. In addition, besides stones and diamonds, patterns were applied in the most successful way in order to give some models rich looks. For example, leaf patterns and many more pleasant patterns to add a different look are desired. 
+ + + carat yellow gold open + 24 + embossed bracelets + + + model atasay

Both gold bracelets are designed by designing different patterns. If you want a wide model, that is, a thick bracelet, this perfectly designed bracelet has been thought to appeal to you. The edges are surrounded by small stones and the middle part is designed as water droplets. The other bracelet is a little bit thought out and small leaf motifs are stylish. In short, you can be sure that you will find a different elegance and beauty in both.

embroidered patterned + + + + atasay modern atasay + bracelet + model

The pattern applied to the model, enriched with many color tones, is intended to appeal to the eyes in the foreground. They achieved the harmony of color in the best way by using the brown tones next to the yellow gold and gray tones. The cut curved pattern is already finished with colors, allowing it to be a privileged bracelet. Thus, your wrists will also have the chance to wear colorful bracelets. The second bracelet is completed with meaningful writing and presented to you in a separate care. It is the most preferred model due to the preparation of the most stylish and varied design result.

gold + white + patterned bracelet + ++ + 2014 + fashion + atasay model

If you cannot give up flowers like everything else, here you should definitely make use of these models that are perfectly prepared for you. Because these models, which are counted among different designs, are crowned with floral patterns, and their edges are pleasant and added color to the bracelets, making them appear harmonious with wavy lines. In addition, the sprinkling of stones allows it to appeal to eye aesthetics. It will attract the attention of everyone, as it attracts your attention, thanks to its flamboyant style.

+ embossed flower pattern + yellow + 24 + + + bracelet + gold + atasay model

In terms of use, both bracelets have separate features. One bracelet is completed only by hand and the other bracelet is closed in the form of a cuff. The common feature of the two is the reflection of different flowers on them. The bracelet, which is obtained only with yellow forehead and equipped with only flowers, will offer you a little simplicity. But if you are going to use your preference, do not miss this model that will reflect the perfection to you in the best way. Because the bracelet was also decorated with silver color flowers and made it look very gorgeous.

+ + parallel leaf flower patterned + + + + carat gold striped + 24 + atasay + bracelet + model

Recently, these bracelets are also preferred as colored gold because of the jewelery made with colored gold. As the ivy flower is completely embroidered on the model, it will provide you with perfection as well as a brand new bracelet. We can say that the jewelery is ready to be your only choice by becoming your sought-after jewelery especially with your night clothes. The other model, which is thought to be curved, was prepared by designing the lines horizontally and vertically. Although it is presented to the eyes as a plain model, its elegance and beauty are undeniable.
pirlanta + + + white + small bowl garnished with asgold + + + bracelet + model atasayIn the newly opened season, Atasay aimed to present its newest designs as a target and paid attention to keeping its designs in that direction. It has managed to attract attention with its snake model and has gained the appreciation of the ladies who want to choose privileged bracelets. In addition, to make the snake figure look natural, it has been worked with stones. Thus, it has taken due care due to its brightness and color. For this reason, it offers the desired model to your wrists perfectly by using yellow gold and stones together.

white edges above + + + + stone +, diamond-shaped cross-+ + + ring + model atasay

You can see with certainty that you will find elegance and elegance in these bracelets. Because it looks very polite, it offers you elegance and elegance as well as bracelets and you will find many features you are looking for. Lines, stones, and applying a different style helped make it the last train. Some ladies will also offer you unmissable opportunities, as jewelry focuses on both showy and more elegant looking jewelry.

edge chain + + + ring + th + stone + atasay modelIn addition to reminiscent of motifs reminiscent of Ottoman craftsmanship, nobody can deny that there are models that do not leave a word with great craftsmanship. Because the middle part of the bracelet is flawlessly processed and aimed to reflect the floral motifs. In addition, it is thought that it will make the biggest contribution to its appearance by adding a chain with yellow gold. On the other hand, knitted ornaments were given as polite. But because of the difference and different models that always manage to attract attention, the other bracelet, which is prepared, comes to you with its unmatched elegance and beauty. The middle part is only equipped with stones and the model is given a heavy look. In short, just put your wrists on your taste and liking. 
gold bracelet models. 

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