21 Trendy Women’s Beret Models

As a result of the fact that berets offer many alternatives for women, they differ every new winter season and are presented to the women with models containing perfection. For this reason, in order to be special for 2014, it is aimed to be presented by paying attention to the styles you will like. 2014 In the latest fashion women’s beret models, each shade was tried to be used in order to give these colors rich content beret models by using dark shades which are indispensable colors. For example, as a result of achieving the taste of every lady in dark colors, brown color has been used frequently to obtain these trendy caps. In style, it was knitted in the form of a classic beret and some models were allowed to look nice in order to make a little difference from the classical styles. As an example, women’s hat models, which are in a style that you will appreciate, have been prepared. The use of these hat caps will provide the opportunity to use according to your wishes. In addition, a flower or rose was added on them, allowing it to look more gorgeous. But if you are hoping for a colorful beret, you will get a model that is knitted in the form of a color line, and that brings you together with the colorful beret model. In addition to these, the braid is one of the most popular motifs. In addition, if you want to see a separate image or look on you, you can definitely knit a scarf or shawl and catch the difference and get the opportunity to provide it to yourself. Certainly, when winter comes, Since you will need a scarf or a shawl, these innovations and magnificence and elegance will be in your hands. For this reason, you should take advantage of these new trendy caps to give special looks on your behalf.
dark brown + female + + + + beret open models
With these new beret models, you will have the most spectacular beret and you can easily obtain the desired looks. Because it differs in use. For example, you will know that it is embroidered as a rubber band in the form of a thick band on the sides and you will be able to wrap your forehead and give it a distinctive pleasure. As a motif, hair is braided and added to the beret very elegantly. The colors were tried to be given richness by choosing brown and beige tones. You will also be able to give a draped look if you gently fold the edges over it.
weft of striped black + white + + + + female + hand knitted beret + + models

It will appeal to your eyes in two different styles and two different looks. Because the beret, which is made of cream color, has been completed with a separate motif to the other parts of the beret, the edges of which are carefully processed in the form of elegant rubber knitting. You will also be able to complete it as a team, thanks to the addition of this cream-colored neck collar. The other beret was considered as a hat and it was intended to prepare a beret. In order to be in sports style, a line pattern consisting of different colors was tried to be applied. Thus, he managed to become a special beret.

color white + cream + + + beret female models +

The white beret model will come to you in 2014 as well, since it is especially popular with young girls and that will appeal to their tastes the most. Its feature is that it is a magnificent model by making rope laces at the ends and tying the shape with pompoms consisting of beret color. The beanie, which is made of cream color, is also made in the form of knitting classically. In order to add features, pompoms with large and same colors have been added to the weft and have managed to show off.

navy blue beret female + + + + + color brown models
By being able to show itself with its color, it will be the most special cap of sportswear. Because it has succeeded in capturing elegance with its fine knit braid motif. It will also take its place on your forehead without folding the edges and it will give you comfort as a result of its wide back. The beanie prepared from the knitting yarn consisting of a mixture of milk coffee color and black color was made wide and folded outwards. In this way, he managed to be a different beret and a floral motif was placed to be stylish.
+ + + color navy blue beret female + + models
It is easier to match almost every outfit with gray color. Thus, creating pleasant and stylish combinations will win you satisfaction. The model, which is prepared as a gray beret, is undoubtedly achieving the appearance of a belt. The ends are embroidered in the form of thick rubber knit and added for accessory purposes to add niceness to the beret. It is aimed to make it look draped by being processed wide. You will see that there are purple and lilac colors in the other beret and you can choose a different colored beret with pleasure.
embroidered navy blue + + + + + handheld brown knitted hat female + + + model
Despite the use of knitting, it has managed to become a privileged trendy beret as a result of its use in brown fabric. If desired, by making it in the appearance of a hat, you can easily choose and create the difference in spring as in winter. You can also be sure that it will offer you the change as a result of the hair weave pattern and fabric. As a result of being knitted using blue color and easy to knit, it will be a beret model that you will process with pleasure.
+ + + color pink purple bruises weft of the female + + + hat + model
It has managed to attract a lot of attention thanks to its pink color and has managed to be the most favorite beanie of the ladies. In addition, with this candy pink color, different colors are also included, and a pattern consisting of fine lines is tried to be applied. Small pompom is placed on it. The front part is given the shape of a hat. It also exhibits itself in the form of pieces in pieces. The purple beret will offer you the chance to use it with its neck collar.
flowers + + + brown hand-patterned burgundy + female + + + organ + hat + hand model
As the style of the berets is generally these styles, it is thought to be in these styles in order to create some changes and stylish models. It is intended to draw attention in red color and is widely knitted to create a draped beret style. The floral motif, made in brown tone and obtained with white knitting, was included in the beret and helped it look gorgeous. Thus, it has become inevitable that it will add pleasure both to the eyes and to the tastes. With these 2014 trendy women’s beanie models, you will see yourself more stylish and you will add richness and color to your preferred clothes.

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