2020 September Decoration Suggestions

Minimalist Home Decoration

As the name suggests, minimalist home decoration is inspired by minimalism and includes simpler designs. It is possible to create this decoration in your home with simple items created with low and solid colors.

Increasing settlement in big cities has led to more housing needs. In order to meet this housing need, smaller houses started to be included in the projects. As the houses shrank, we had to shrink our belongings. At this point, minimalism started to enter into home decoration. This type of decoration is commonly seen in cities with high population such as Tokyo and Beijing. For some people, it is not a necessity, but a choice. People who adopt minimalism as a lifestyle live more simply. They reflect this style in home decoration as well as in their clothes, eating and drinking habits.

This decoration, which includes neutral colors such as gray, white and sand color, has quite straight lines on the seats. The seat legs are flat and the middle coffee table preferences are also preferred portable and convertible products instead of embroidered models. These preferences continue in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Decorations over the counter are generally not preferred in kitchens, and the interior of the cupboards are used in a way to save space as possible. In the bathroom, glass shower cabins are preferred instead of bathtubs and jacuzzis.

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Vintage Home Decoration

Vintage home decoration is perhaps the cutest of all decoration types. Armchairs decorated with small flowers in pink and tones, tablecloths and even curtain backdrops are indispensable for this decoration. It is a kind of decoration that is light romantic but also elegant and comfortable. If you want to have a vintage atmosphere in your home, after focusing on one color, you can achieve integrity with the main colors of the decoration, cream, beige, sand colors and tones. Pale pink, pale blue, pale lilac color is frequently encountered in the interior.

Speaking of colors, let’s talk about the furniture and the materials used. White furniture or natural wood is preferred. You can often see worn items, retro style furniture. Furniture between 30 and 60 years is preferred in vintage decoration. After you restore the family heirloom items, you can both spiritually add emotion to your home and achieve an authentic elegance by placing them in your home. You can also get a more original decoration by using those hand-made lace that your mother prepared for your dowry. Today, vintage decoration is combined with modern lines. Models with tiny flowers placed on vertical lines in black and white stand out.

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Rustic Home Decoration

Now it’s rustic home decoration! This type of decoration is highly confused with the country style. We put an end to all this confusion with this content. Rustic home decoration is an advocate of natural beauty. As we can understand from here, wood is used extensively. If you want my house to be a piece of nature, this decoration is for you! It contains all the warmth of the natural colors in nature.

You can of course show your creativity while giving place to quite simple designs that are not too pretentious. Wall decoration products inspired by nature will make you different. You should pay attention to the use of wood in this style, usually in medium and dark colors, as well as unprocessed furniture that has not been processed such as polish. Wood also has an important place in floor or ceiling coverings. The most important difference from other decorations is made of large, wide plates, which can be called as logs, which reflect their robustness with their appearance.

You seem to be asking what color should I use on the walls when you have so much wood. You can cover the walls with very light wood panels or use white wall paint. Using white wall paint will create a blank canvas effect at home, making all the items in the house more accentuated. Another feature that you should pay attention to in item selection is item selection. There is not much room for elegant items in a rustic style. Parts made of coarser and unprocessed materials are used.

Scandinavian Home Decoration

Scandinavian style is very close to minimalist home decoration. In the minimalist style, mostly black and white are used extensively, but geometric lines are used. Its mixing with the Scandinavian actually starts at this point. Scandinavian home decoration is a type where minimal decorative products are used and light woods are used with pale colors. It was inspired by the lifestyle of countries such as Norway and Sweden and started to spread from these countries all over the world.

It contains modern and modernization movements by moving away from romanticism to a bit. Wood and natural stones are combined with neutral and pale colors. It is possible to see the use of marble patterned items in this decoration. The wall paint color is white and a slightly rough texture is preferred. You can also add a difference to your walls by using white culture bricks. In furniture, the preferences are still pale, but light-colored wooden legs are used. The same attitude continues in the coffee tables. Scandinavian home decoration, where we can also find industrial parts, has gray details instead of black. Besides the large windows, one of the striking features is that the carpet is not used. Thin rugs are rarely seen.

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Country Home Decoration

Country style is wider than other styles. Although it contains changes according to each country, it is examined under 3 headings. These; French style, American style and English style. Looking at the most distinctive features of the 3 styles, details such as lace and guipure stand out in the French style, while the use of intense wood in the American style stands out. It also happens that the American style is called the farmhouse style. English style, on the other hand, is simpler and more minimal.

When you enter a house with country home decoration, you feel that there are 70’s and 80’s breezes. Wicker baskets, pots and antiques are among its general characteristics. Although it is not seen much in French style country decoration today, seat covers attracted a lot of attention. The combination of white and worn furniture with naive lines reflects naturalness. In addition, the use of light blue and light pink colors is indispensable for French style country decoration. It is possible to see vibrant colors such as red in farm-style country decoration. This is its sharpest and most distinctive feature.

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Industrial Home Decoration

Industrial home decoration can be immediately distinguished from other decorations. It has striking lines and contrary designs. While inspired by modern life, it has included the traces of art. Offering a wonderful blend of aesthetics and engineering, industrial style decoration, colors such as black and gray are used extensively. It is possible to encounter products and items made of wood that have not been processed in this manner. You can use epoxy tables, which have become one of the latest trends , to enliven the decoration.

Leather armchairs, rope chandeliers, stainless steel chairs are reflective of the industrial style. The dominant colors on the walls are anthracite, gray and rarely white. White wall paint is used for places that are not light. But it is generally applied to one wall. Wall decorations made of brick and stone are common.

And Here is the Test Result!

Minimalist Home Decoration  came first in the best decoration test of 2019, which we determined with your votes  . With the increase in city life, the shrinkage of the houses and the shortening of the time spent in the houses, many people chose to live with less furniture in their homes. When many of us go to our house in the evening, we want to get our work done and rest at home as soon as possible. Minimalism offers us this. At the same time, it creates a spacious and peaceful atmosphere in your home with its minimalist style simplicity with stylish lines. The plants with large and green leaves that you will use in this type of decoration will further expand your peace area. You can use our content to discover beautiful plants that you can use in your home.

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