vicious potato

I couldn’t give my camera a kind of. The biggest reason it’s my excuse to stay away from the blog. Other reasons, of course, but like I said it’s the most important reason. I want the photos I took with the cell phone because the quality is not here, I don’t want to put photos I don’t like about it. Here is the above also this is one of the pictures that I don’t like.
Let’s create our recipe…
Bulgurlu all kinds of food, especially as one who loves barren, infertile different that I’ve learned from the stars I loved. To everyone liking and they took not only describe who eats seven. In short, he has earned the right to write here.

1 cup fine bulgur
1 cup hot water

4-5 medium potatoes

1 onion
2 small tea cup of olive oil
tomato paste
salt, red pepper flakes
fresh onion
1 lemon
garlic (if desired)

Is crushed and boiled the potatoes while it’s hot.
Bulgur is soaked with hot water.
Meanwhile, chop and saute onion in olive oil, dry edible. Add a little more of the sauce by adding tomato paste until the smell was gone.
Roasted onions, cracked wheat and potatoes, adding salt and pepper mix. Other ingredients are also added.
Cake is placed into a mold and inverted onto a serving platter.


This weekend we had a fun evening with the ladies of the family. In the menu I have planned for tonight; Meatball-Broccolli soup recipes with noodles, Orange-olive oil, celery, leek and beetroot salad two potato salad, chili, tri-color quesadillas, Salgamli Vicious, broccoli salad, Succulent stuffed grape leaves, and Napoleons in mashed potatoes, chicken Drumstick, Cashew Rice, a single orange sauce-Lemon Cheesecake, Creamy Baked quince, chocolate sauce, cherry pie and had aycekirdekli salty biscuits.
Refreshments this Orange, olive oil, celery add to the flavor, and it was considered as an image. Usually I’m cooking celery with orange, but this time, daisy-shaped cookie cutter and cut out middle parts with carrots at the table after we put in the eye very often he stopped and filled up. The construction is a bit laborious, although I would recommend for your special day.
*2 medium celery
*2 cups orange juice
*Juice of 1 lemon
*1 medium onion
*1 cup olive oil until
*3 pieces sugar
*after it is cooked, pour on top, up to half a cup of olive oil
*1 medium carrot
*celery leaves for garnish
1.First, wash and rub with lemon to the celery nicely stripped and kararmam.
2.In the same way, peel the carrots, wash.
3.1 transverse of celery, cut in 5 cm thick rings. A of celery 4 comes out to the public properly.
4.If you have chamomile each ring and cut with a cookie cutter in the form of appropriate size and shape.
5.Baller round with the middle cut off as Pepper. Place the carrots and the carrots in the middle parts of the same thickness and cut transversely.
6. Chop the onions too much while pembelestirmed piyazlik and 1 tablespoon olive oil, stirring frequently cook.
7.Squeeze the juice of the oranges and lemons.
8.On top of the onions and place in a shallow pan on top of celery salt and add the sugar,orange, and pour the olive oil with the lemon juice. Over a medium fire and cook until it softens and pull the water heated. Be careful not to cook too much because it quickly cooked celery is a vegetable. After it cools, spoon the orange juice and drizzle on the olive oil remaining in the bottom of the pot. The latest service when you do, drizzle on olive oil half a cup, garnish with celery leaves, and serve. Bon Appetit.
Note; If you make higher food strecli let rest in the fridge a day ahead the celery you can.

Mini savory mussels


The Danish Flood this Waterfall I saw on the site. I was intrigued to be tiny. I have tried. Very, they were very nice. That is the reason why the preferred was also done with olive oil. It’s a recipe I will frequent…

Describe, with detailed photos and stories, Selin’s website. But still I’ll write a short description.

3 coffee cups self-rising flour
4 cups of coffee flour
1 cup of olive oil
1 cup warm water
1 egg
to ride on some milk

200 gr. feta cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
black pepper

Prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients. While the dough is resting prepare the filling. The dough half a cm. opens in thickness and is cut with a glass of water. Most of the interior materials is only a single closed by sealing. Brush with milk and sprinkled with sesame seeds is smeared on.
Bake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees (I’m not much for egg on have not put a serious enough to become a problem).
With a nice brewed tea gets eaten.