10 different food recipes

3 than one Table

Last week 3 days in a row I entertain. It wasn’t a setback, it was great, except for some fatigue. Of course, I made sure there won’t be dishes to do the next day. Usually I’ve done as much. What I didn’t do my 3 guests and I took some adding 🙂
We said We’d write a post every day during Ramadan. I guess we missed a day recently, but thankfully it went well. We’re about at the end of Ramadan. Went too fast for me. Do we stray from its purpose a bit like Khadijah said, I don’t know. But we love to spend it with the people around us.
Before marriage I was sitting near the sheriff Fatih sweater. There sounded very different Ramadan. Everywhere was crowded. Buses full of people everywhere. They were coming in droves. We were trying to go in an empty home and of course we still have the opportunity. Says but that longing turns, or when you’re nearby to give the same importance. But regardless, the Conqueror, Ramadan was very different.
Let’s move on to our tables..
Wednesday Day sister-in-law sister came Seda Iftar. Last Ramadan Talha son loved the mushroom soup. Now it’s like mger.E won’t eat lamb meat 🙂 I’m going to ask next before I’ll take that check. upset because that made sense.

– Mushroom soup
– Julian salad
– red beans
– Yesil salad
– Sweet potato pie ( from sister seda)
– Lamb eggplant
– Peanut butter rice
The recipe in the sweet as a dessert cup, add a cat’s tongue.. unit I hope.
The lamb eggplant was a very easy meal. The image doesn’t get in the service, but the flavor is spot on.
On the forces on the bottom of Pyrex cubed chopped eggplant,peppers,tomatoes and pour over mix.Yarimbardak z.we give it in the oven and add the oil. Cooking for 2 hours. Meat that’s delight in. No pics unfortunately.
2. if I’m at the table, my best friend, and Amal was for his wife. Medium 1 we’ve been friends since. We are very happy and thank God 🙂
– Lentil soup
– Red beans
– Julian salad
– Yesil salad
– Grilled Steak
– Rice – Pure
3. at the table,a close friend of my wife, work, wife, Zeynep, Esra was Halil and. Previous weeks go with Zeynep Iftar, TV, celebs, and in we went. E I was prepared of course 🙂 we sat chatting until Sahur,and the conversation.. it was a beautiful day.
– Lentil soup
– Red peppers stuffed with cheese
– red beans
– Julian salad
– Potato casserole with meat aubergine
– peanut butter rice
– I made profiteroles as dessert, but for some reason I couldn’t get my dough.
I turned her to me, the only one in the cup I did. But it was very likely.
My friend Amal casserole at the dinner described. The round cut the eggplant and potatoes roasted. Goulash cooked like meat. Then round the back-to-back, I put the casserole and put the meat between them. I made the casserole, cover with water and Napoleons. I took kizar and Napoleons in the oven and served. It was a nice meal.
Got it during a meal, don’t you 🙂
But no photos. Shooting a lot of the work I did with the machine.. I’m waiting.. 🙂

Cup a cat’s tongue..

Kedidilli I love cake! A very light texture. The only drawback to the Pyrex and the dissolution of your tipsizlesmes my dear 🙂 that’s why I wanted to do in the cup. I think it looks very good. Both easy and delicious recipe. I would not recommend.

For the chocolate pudding ;
-2 tbsp cornstarch
-2 tablespoons of rice flour
-1 tbsp flour
-5 tablespoons cocoa
-1 cup sugar
-1 cup water
-1 lt. milk
after koyulastik ;
1 teaspoon butter
1 egg

Fine-mix all the ingredients and we’re baking. Koyulastik after cooking, add the egg and butter and are unbeaten.
The bottom of the cup, add 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate pudding into the cup until kedili on it and break you in half depending on the size of. We close with custard and whipped cream prepared with 1 cup milk put over and over again.
According to the container, you can increase this dilemma. I put some whipped cream on top of chocolate pudding and go out and gave me a look like this. The choice is yours. You can in this Pyrex. In every way the flavor won’t fade.. it’s like coffee with a side of Miss. And I’ll be happy to call you 🙂

We were at an iftar Melda.

Melda was our last call. Thanks to the very nice prepared.
Always such a stylish table and we had a lovely evening with delicious food.

In the menu ;
– Lentil soup
– Julian salad
– Saute the mushrooms
– Ball meatballs
– Curtain milfoylu rice
– Baked potatoes
– There was custard with strawberry sauce.

Iftariyelik portion was prepared. In this way, they are often much more edible…

Today is the last pre-dawn meal we’ll make. And tomorrow is the last iftar. May Allah accept all our fasts.
And everyone have a very happy holiday I hope to spend as a family with their loved ones.
To be able to share something in the holidays I think.


Home Days ..

Housewife since it’s been about 3 weeks, if you say that you understand something, of course, “no “I’ll say . Invitations the last week of Ramadan ,the holiday travel all over the country when it comes to cleaning washing ironing due to the world Today .. I told him to let sit for a minute, I tried cleaning and didn’t stop for him . Any attempt to paint the places his feet on the pasted stuff so I can fix the event, I said, fell when trying to remove sulphur and 3 broken foot 🙁 left a huge bruise on my arm of work .
Hopefully we promise to come back in the evening and gets down to the furniture store and the debris that gets eliminated.
Before you start a new job I began to make my winter arrangements .
I love the pickled eggplant eggplant pickle and I couldn’t resist when I saw tiny in the market ,
Tarhana soup is indispensable in the winter for our family . We didn’t stay for long in Gallipoli this year and we couldn’t tarhana . We were getting ready, but he also kneaded the dough by taking a gang of the materials I’ve sold in the US . More to be spilled to be passed by the filter we have a long way to go, but miss smell like it’s worth .
Food when you get a chance 🙂 a long time ago I made a cross and throw pillows fill the interior of the heat time, I had taken his place on the couch in the den
On the balcony, parsley , arugula , green onions , green garlic, I’ve gotten into the business of raising me, I can’t tell you how excited my first of these ..
None it doesn’t look like The Shape of my dangling alone, you go out, what will you be when you grow up :p
Here’s a small table from Ikea for continuing to follow my day’s chores in the house, a library, taking one study we turned to the room.
Pens still fancy one I’m a fan :))

1 soda Flavors – puff pancakes

Drinking soda I’m talking about. I don’t like. I prefer the lemon one, but the room is empty calories so it’s not I don’t drink. Last what I see on the blog in which I forgot, but I found a pancake recipe. Pancakes, how easy it seems, although I think consistency is very important. Even even when you are dokus the pan. I can’t make pancakes like my mother of course still beautiful. Either thick or thin. Bi pancakes all the same I couldn’t.
I think this pancake recipe. Because there’s sugar in it. I love to ride into sweet things already. But, of course, indispensable pancakes spinach invitation on the table for me.
And, of course, you understand there’s soda in. outlook something. it’s my favorite way.

Materials ;
1 cup milk
1 cup vegetable oil
½ Cup sugar
1 bottle of mineral water
3 cups flour
3 eggs
1 package baking powder
Stir the eggs and sugar until creamed and add the powder into the liquid ingredients. Achieve a homogeneous mixture. Pour into a heated oiled fry pan and ladle the duplex.
Now you can slip into-honey do you strawberry-chocolate or it’s up to you..
If you do, you can call Bon Appetit.. I’m here.. 🙂

Tarhana Soup Recipe

And finally I’ve finished cooking . Made a long but enjoyable process . If you want to do don’t get scared by me , just 1 Assistant, while suzgecte3n if you have, the better 🙂 I’m writing the recipe for those who want . Vitamin store for babies over 6 months . I hope you all get healing strength..

5-6 onions
One red pepper 5-6
10-15 pieces of green pepper
10 tomato
3 kg yogurt
Tomato paste ( 2 bowls )
Flour ( I used this measures approximately 7 kg )
Butter ( I’ve used up to 400 grams )
Oil ( around a cup)
Note that most of the measure I pass on to you the same way I did look at the decision .

Sotelik we’re cutting the onions , chop we’re cooking up . On respectively ; we put Yesil pepper and red pepper . after thoroughly cooked tomatoes and toss and turn less, the most recent put it in the pot and baked in the form of an aqueous stock we make menemen . While it’s hot put the butter, and mix thoroughly .

Drinnen and a large basin ( with a lid if possible ) put a little flour, or if you could wait we eventually starting pouring the mortar ilimis open the middle cold we put the yogurt into a hand! It will be a soft dough that adheres the dough stick to the hands or less .
We’re holding the water together in a corner . Every day starts to go sour and the dough civiklasiyo . We would punch our reputation and driving our tarhana kuflenmes ozlessin thoroughly every morning and evening .
We’ll put this way until about 5 days . Overflows from the basin and has already started to turn sour . so don’t forget to tuck in a solid under cloth .
Get up early the next morning it started to overflow and we are taking pieces from the dough with a clean cloth.

We will turn all day will be in our hands, we will open them in the middle as it dries , to learn where they are to be eliminated by the pituitary we’re going to crush . On the evening of the same day and we’ll eliminate a filter . Would not be able to sift through many posts .
Available for this operation if you have a terrace or balcony in the house I did I opened I got shot in glass the sun, it dried tarhana 🙂

Lastly sieved tarhana other a few days, we’ll soak in the sun to dry thoroughly smoothed out . I dry them both angry again and the absence of dust in the house to take the color of the sun . If you are going to dry on the balcony, the terrace still, on my advice, by opening the cover a cloth in between mixing . We we like the color a little red, too : )
Biserial wine, remember to mix together with your hands to thoroughly dry the mixture on the bottom of a pile, or in a jar once you get kuflenir all the work will be for naught .



Cookies glazurluThe day goes by so fast, I want the one with waiting on the sidelines, maternity leave is almost over, but without an idea of what my next life would be going with the flow.

My blog situation is valid in general, written to be shared-Do-Rich had a period although I’ve written very little, we’ll see if the devil’s leg is broken:)

I made these cookies for my friends who came to see our baby is one of the recipes, and a delicious cookie and I’ve shared on the blog before quite practical mushroom cookies the recipe is very close.

Unlike glazur has nuts and chocolate. I used white and dark chocolate glazur ready, just dark, white or milk chocolate glazur on whether instead of nuts walnuts, almonds, pistachios, coconut you can use. Our recipe is as follows;


– 2 eggs

– 100 g butter (at room temperature)

– 1 cup of oil

– 1 cup powdered sugar

– 3 tablespoons flour

-300 G wheat starch

– 1/2 package of baking soda

1 package ready-glazur white and dark chocolate

– 1 cup chopped nuts


Eggs, butter, oil and sugar after thoroughly mixing, our reputation, our dough by adding starch as a molder and piece by piece we are. Finally, we’re resting our dough and we add baking powder for 15 minutes. We take our dough by breaking off walnut size pieces. (Hands if you have printed a pattern you can use Chichewa as I do.) Pre-to 180 degrees heard, we’re cooking up white to remain in the oven for 10 minutes. Our cookie after cooling, the melted two-color glazur (prepared by yourself or melted chocolate) on them and drizzle, chopped nuts before you freeze chocolate serpistiriyo we are. Chocolate cookies that we are ready for service 1 week after his return, it doesn’t lose freshness. Bon Appetit…

Cookies glazurlu

2 soda flavors – Chocolate Chip Cake

I tried a very long time ago. Even yemekteyiz have. Exactly the type of cake I wanted, actually. To the outside is crispy puff cake.. a classic, but delicious..

Four eggs
Turkish coffee 4 cup sugar
3 Turkish coffee cup of vegetable oil
1 bottle club soda
Turkish coffee 10 cup flour
1 package of baking powder and vanilla
Chocolate Drops
We’re baking at 180 degrees and mix the ingredients. Broken pieces of chocolate instead of chocolate I added.
Hot cakes is my favorite thing I did in the meantime,Willow is the duo of milk 🙂 But I’m on a diet I’m on a diet.. 🙂
Best Emre let him eat cake.. 🙂


Eggplant Pickles Recipe

Pickles my mother in those days, we’d wait for almost 1 month and 1 Week and it even started to melt so we could eat my pickle ? There’s the salt , I don’t know what ? Mind that a little boat the appearance , the taste is superb 🙂
Tiny lightly boil the eggplant , then cut into the belly give God ; Cabbage , pepper , red pepper , tomatoes and garlic then chop up the stems of celery leaves Yesil tiny bolluca with fill attribute . You like me less if you came for eggplant , red pepper , green pepper, red tomatoes or you can fill in by cutting the belly of Yesil . I put the salt in the lemon juice . We do print in a paper bag from the sea on a stone and wash thoroughly . Like I said We are having is happening after 1 Week and very nice .
Pickles even say I’m one of the pathetic guys slobbering over 🙂


Winter cheese and onion

I’m breaking the silence with a recipe from among the dozens to be written. Since the birth of writing rain is just a recipe when I realised, I decided to edit this recipe and add it immediately. They are written long after leaving, I’m switching to the tariff.
Sister Nevil had made for breakfast Blog on one of our dates, we all fondly we didn’t forget to take the recipe and we ate immediately. It is often done in the kitchen of our home ever since that day, you come home and waiting for the Met took priority of our favorites recipe, winter onions and cheese, recipe follows;
Ingredients: (for a 26 cm tart mould)
For The Dough:
– 1 egg yolk
– 1/2 cup warm milk
– 2 + 1/3 cup flour
– 2 teaspoons dry yeast
– 50 g butter (melted)
– 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
– 1 teaspoon salt
On Top:
– 2 medium onions
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 2 eggs
– 200 ml cream (1 package)
– Salt, pepper
– 100 gr grated old cheddar cheese
– 100 gr grated Izmir jumpsuit
– 100 g grated cheese
All the ingredients for kneading the dough until will not stick to hand, we relax and we’ll leave it frizz. As it is we have around 1 hour in a warm place covered dough swells. If she instead of dry yeast if you are going to Maya pre-agitating with milk and sugar, really knead the dough.
While the dough is resting, roast chopped onion 2 tablespoons olive oil on a low flame in our piyazlik we’re beginning to. The most laborious part of these people, fry the onions, stirring constantly until caramelized without burning for a long time. Roasted onions and a little mild when it gets inside fluttering in a separate bowl 2 eggs, cream, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly add the mixture we provide you.
Our meat dough in a greased roller with the help of that we are we’re opening the size of our pattern. We also then fry the dough for 10 minutes in the mould, as well as with Old Slut rendelemis that we are izmir we are serpistiriyo and cheese bag. Cheese, onion, blend of cheese to cover herself with a pour of cream, previously heard, we’re baking in the oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Bon Appetit…
Note: the recipe I got from my sister münevver, but snow eggs adapted by…
Winter cheese and onion

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